Hi, you fangirls out there! You just happened to find Shape of my Heart, whose name comes from both one of my top-ten songs (Sting's Shape of my Heart), and from the fact that fangirling attacks could just come from the heart and the heart only... well, maybe from a short-tempered hormone as well X°D.
Here you'll find mostlly CLAMP and anime/manga-related fanlistings... the point is, what the heck is a fanlisting?, you may ask. As the name itself exhaustively explains, they're nothing more than online lists of fans gathering together to show they like a particular subject. Usually, when a webmaster recognizes he has to deal with lots of them, he builds a fanlisting collective where he can store fanlistings in. This one is around since February, 17th, 2006, thanks to ChaDo's constant support and kindness. I just don't understand how she can still be patient with my clumsiness XD, which is not so amusing to deal with.
Anyway, I think it's time to let you browse the site in peace XD.


~Juuhachi Go

Layout. (3 ~ 07/01/2007)

I bet you all will agree with me if I say this site needed a major revamp, and here it is, after being empty for so long since I moved over a new domain. This version is incredibly simple, but I find it so elegant that I believed it was a shame to cover such a beautiful picture with a bigger title, as this is probably one of the most provoking things CLAMP had ever drawn, and it pleases and shocks me at the same time. Given my current obsession with RG Veda, it seemed absolutely perfect. Speaking of the graphic in itself, I like very much how it turned out, and I hope you too will be fond of it^^.


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